yours and mine

by Tony Memmel

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Barbara Brandt
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Barbara Brandt Brilliant artistry. Deeply personal lyrics. Haunting melodies. "fuels the fire" is so beautifully devastating. This album will leave you immediately wanting more Tony Memmel music. Favorite track: fuels the fire.
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about this album:

At the end of August 2011, I decided to take a risk and invest in my own home recording studio. I spent September buried in tracking, mixing, and mastering books and learning the ins and out of the equipment I'd purchased.

I had a collection of songs that I was working on and was really loving but couldn't find a fitting place for them in my future recording and full-length album plans. "Yours and Mine" is the result.

This is the first collection of recordings that I've ever done on my own. They were recorded in my apartment, in Wauwatosa, WI, with three microphones and a computer. I truly hope that you enjoy the result.

Thank you for listening!
Tony Memmel


released September 27, 2011

Performed by:
Tony Memmel - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Lesleigh Memmel - keyboards (tracks 2 & 5), vocals
Brian Farvour - percussion (tracks 2, 5, & 6)

Thank Yous: God, Lesleigh, my Mom and Dad for all of your support, Brian, and to all of my friends and fans, I love you guys.



Produced By: Tony Memmel
All Songs Written By Tony Memmel (ASCAP)
Recorded By: Tony Memmel in Wauwatosa, WI
Mixed and Mastered By: Tony Memmel in Wauwatosa, WI
Photography and Album Art By: Lesleigh Memmel
All Songs © 2011 Tony Memmel



all rights reserved
Track Name: yours and mine
I was alone even when we were together
We swore that our love would last
try to forget but I'll always remember
You raised the white flag up your mast
I got blood on my knees and ripped holes in my jeans
and the constant charade left me blind
to the life I once knew, don’t know what got me through.
This is the last song of yours and mine

Whenever I’m anywhere we were that summer
the thought of it still makes me gasp
for breath, and for air, for a needle-nose prayer
that might fix all the wrongs in our past.
I clung to my innocence, firmly I grasped,
I hid it somewhere you’ll never find
You’ve taken your fists and you dug us a ditch
This is the last song of yours and mine

Sometimes I find myself reading back over your letters
Sometimes it makes me feel worse and sometimes It feels better

I’ve studied the words, every noun and each verb
It's young poetry vivid and deep
But a depth that’s not strong only lasts for so long
And some songs are like yours and mine
Yeah some songs are just like yours and mine
Track Name: burnt bridges
These lies were built on sand
When we made our last stand
You flicked me like a cigarette
blind-sided by the light
ash in my eyes
It pays to have foresight
I'm on my guard all the time...

Then you open your mouth a spitting image of you
Burnt bridges. I love you. But I'm tired. Burnt Bridges

Your adolescent groans
In a glass house throwin' stones
and you've shattered every window
I've never been a fan
It's tattooed in my hand
Driftin' no sign of land
It's hard to be the bigger man...

Track Name: she's a lot like me
She's often funny when no one laughs
and prone to anxious panic attacks.
Talks to herself a few times a week
her house isn't clean but she tries to be neat.
Never says she's bored as long as she's breathin'
likes when the kettle starts whistlin' and steamin'.
Probably awake but most likely dreamin'
She's a lot like me...

She's a lot like me. I'm a lot like that.

Really quite sharp but afraid that she's dulling
and once flew an airplane with no fear of it stalling.
But that says nothin' 'bout her general demeanor
and though you'll never know her
you'd be happy to meet her.
She can't hold her breath as long as she'd like to,
she can't run as far or as fast as she used to,
but all of these things seem to add to her virtue.
Oh, she's a lot like me.


She's often alone but she don't mind that.
Thought about pets but she's allergic to cats.
A dog would be nice but her house has no yard.
Not only that, she doesn't own a credit card.
She loves to drive fast, or slow, or far
but she don't know much about engines or cars.
Likes her coffee black like the tar
that speeds beneath her wheels.

Track Name: our first vacation
When you're done with work tonight
change your clothes and hurry home.
We'll drive-thru to grab a bite
and head south through Chicago.
I spent the day packing our suitcase
the charts and maps are carefully drawn.
I packed your pillow just in case
you don't make it until dawn and...

We're going on our first vacation.

The nighttime traffic is thin and sparse.
Where did all the people go?
Indiana in the dark, the sun rose in Ohio and...


I drove through the morning.
The skyline looks glorious - that's our destination,
in the distance.
We came a long, long, long, long, long distance!

And I never once got tired, the caffeine did the trick
and I didn't sleep a wink last night, still feel like I did.
But the hotel wasn't ready so we napped inside the car.
We checked in after 4pm and shared a pizza in a bar...

We are finally on vacation.
Track Name: fuels the fire
Longing for breath and now the sky is getting dark and
the weight of all the world falls on my shoulders.
I shouldered the blame.
Haunting my thoughts at night, I see you when I close my eyes.
But you made these choices, the course stays the same.
The box I kept is emptied out
and your photograph, it fuels the fire, now.

This heat is bittersweet, climbed in the driver’s seat
and I slammed on the brakes, you drew conclusions and then signed your name.
I risked all that I had, now, I've got nothing left
And the choices that I made, only fanned the flames.
It’s warm where you were, on the couch,
and what we had it burns like fire, now.

Maybe the answer is somewhere between…
But the smoke, it lifted, and stung when I breathed. It still stings when I breathe.

I’m all alone tonight, in what I think is right
and I’ve been here before there’s so much to lose in hoping for gain.
An old familiar tune that I’ve been marching to (one two)
My blood’s in these verses, my bones the refrain.
The box I kept is emptied out.
And your photograph, it fuels the fire, now.
Track Name: someday i'll get there
Comin down to earth again
Hustled by what could have been
I saw you laughing it made me laugh, too
And the lightnin’ strikes a chord
Flood is rising, at your door
It’s all that stands between you and the rain.

Cryin’ over spilled milk, now
The show’s over take a bow
Close the door behind you when you leave.
Maybe next year, oh my dear
Some days that’s my greatest fear and
I can’t shake it, it’s water in my ear.

It’s back to the drawing board
Back-up plan fell on it’s sword
it’s happened before, that aint nothin’ new
Now where do I go from here,
Road less traveled aint so clear
My heart is blind, and my mind’s eye only stares -
Into the distance, someday I’ll get there.